Handy Woman

As I’ve posted before my puppy Jeter has done some damage to our apartment by chewing through some trimming. Apartments will charge hundreds of dollars to fix these types of things so I decided to fix it myself. I went to Home Depot & got the following supplies: 

  • Wood Filler
  • Small Paint Brush 
  • 120 Sandpaper (150 would also work)
  • Putty Knife 
  • Paint

To match up the paint I went to Home Depot & picked out a variety of different color swatches that I thought would match the color of the trimming & I was able to match it up perfectly. 

This was my first time working with wood filler or doing any project like this. Here are some before & afters. It’s not perfect, but it will do & was way cheaper fixing it myself than paying hundreds of dollars to the apartments! 


2 thoughts on “Handy Woman

    • zendollconfessions says:

      First you need to wipe down the area you are going to fix. Follow the instructions for the wood filler, only make as much mixture as you can use in 15 minutes (it hardens fast). Apply & shape the wood filler & let dry for 20 minutes. After that you can sand down the area until it is smooth. Once you’re done sanding down the area clean & wipe all the dust, then you are ready to paint! Always paint more than just the area you fixed to blend in the paint with the paint that was previously on there!


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